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All of our products are made in Australia. We freeze dry our meat and formulate our freakshakes in fully licenced facilities. We use a network of suppliers and have fully vetted them all for accreditation and compliance with food safety regulations. We source all of our meat and dairy from human grade suppliers in Australia; none of this is ever imported or pet grade. 

We freeze dry NORM because freeze drying preserves food without using any heat. The benefit of this is that it retains almost all of the nutrients present in the raw ingredients, whereas heat treating tends to diminish nutrients.

The only thing that will ever go into a bag of NORM is what is listed in the ingredients. There will never be any preservatives, chemical additives, fillers, emulsifiers, humectants, starches, gums, binders, salt, sugar or synthetic nutrients and flavours in NORM. It's just not what we're about.

NORM is made from 100% whole foods that have been freeze dried or, in the case of some vegetables, fruits & superfoods, air dried. This preserves the ingredients so none of that crap is needed. 

For sure! Norm is completely safe for both puppies and senior dogs as it is mainly meat based, which is an ideal food for both young and old dogs (plus all those in between). Some varieties also contain superfoods that are highly nutritious and beneficial to puppies and seniors especially. As with all dogs, introduce NORM slowly and follow the directions on the bag for your dog's weight range. 

Yes! We especially recommend the single ingredient meal toppers for feline friends, as they are more species appropriate for obligate carnivores. However, the main ingredient in NORM is always meat, so cats will also benefit from the supplementary super food ingredients in our freakshakes. 

All of our bags have feeding guidelines on them, but we recommend introducing NORM slowly at first, and then it can be fed daily if you like. Ideally we suggest rotating through a few different flavours for nutritional variety. Some varieties, like the ox spleen, may be a little bit intense for sensitive dogs. This is because freeze dried food is highly concentrated and the amount you feed is the equivalent of at least 4 times as much in fresh food. 

Our typical serving sizes start at 5 grams. 

NORM's meal toppers can be sprinkled over your pet's food straight out of the bag, or you can rehydrate them in a bit of warm water. If your pet eat bickies, we recommend adding some water so it mixes together into a yummy stew. Freakshakes can also be sprinkled, but we highly recommend blending with warm water and shaking to make your pet a delicious drink, and garnishing it with a NORM meal topper.

You can also mix all of the NORM flavours into any home made goodies you make for your pet, or include them in enrichment feeders like Likimats.

Fair question. We understand NORM can seem a bit pricey at first glance, but it's not for nothing. 

NORM is made from 100% human grade, Australian meat, which unfortunately (but understandably) is a fair bit more dear than the dodgy pet meat in a lot of food and treats on the market. Freeze drying is a very costly process, but it means that the product you buy is nutritionally far superior and retains almost all of the nutrients from the raw ingredients that go into it.

Freeze dried foods are very lightweight but very concentrated. The weight of your NORM is the equivalent to at least 4 times that in fresh food. In the case of our pork testes, a 110g bag of NORM is equivalent to about 9 x that in fresh testes.

We also do everything 100% by the book, and are a properly registered and insured business who only use fully licenced and accredited production facilities. Sadly this is often not the case in the unregulated pet food industry. 

NORM is a genuinely premium product, with absolutely no fillers or any corners cut to save costs, and a little goes a long way. Doing shit right is bloody expensive.

We aim to have your NORM shipped within 2 days of your order, and we will send you a shipping notification with tracking right away. 

Oh no, we're sorry about that. If you have an issue with your order please send us an email to norm@normgetwild.com.au and we will look into it right away. Our returns policy is available to read here