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Add More Secreting Organs and Variety with NORM

February 15, 2022

Plate of dog food with NORM pork testes meal topper

So. You got a pretty good boy, eh? Well, most of one…

We don’t support irresponsible breeding here at NORM and always encourage you to responsibly desex your pets. But let’s be real. Your dog is still pretty pissed that you had his balls cut off, isn’t he?

Don’t worry, we have just the thing for you. NORM’s pork testes meal topper will give him a flashback to being a horny young pup, without creating even more horny young pups for you to deal with. This meal topper is so good you’ll be sleeping with one eye open once he gets a taste.

Chicks dig it too, for obvious reasons.

But seriously, NORM’s freeze-dried pork testes are a healthy and fun addition to your dog’s meals. According to our nutritionist, the testes produce sperm and hormones, most notably testosterone. This is what makes them one of the “secreting organs,” for all you mad raw feeders. It also means they’re absolutely packed with nutrients.

If you follow a raw diet for your dog or cat, you probably know that it’s widely recommended you include at least 10% secreting organs, which for most people means liver. Liver is great and super nutrient dense, but we also know that variety is super important! For a lot of people the other secreting organs are generally a lot harder to find. Bit of a predicament, isn’t it?!

The secreting organs in raw feeding are the liver, kidneys, brain, spleen and… testicles! Most of these aren’t generally available at your local supermarket or even butcher, and usually they are beef or lamb when you can find them. This is why we figured pork testes would be the perfect choice for a fun meal topper.

Even if you don’t dig the DIY life for your pet food, adding a range of extras to your pet’s kibble is a really valuable exercise in adding extra nutrition. Adding more nutrients to the foundation of their normal food will support their health, and pork testes are especially rich in protein, phosphorus and vitamin B12. Freeze dried food is minimally processed using no heat, so the nutrients are well preserved.

Adding nutritious toppers also keeps your pet’s meals interesting, which is super important for dogs and cats who get bored easily. We recommend rehydrating NORM’s toppers in a bit of warm water and adding to kibble to make a bit of a soup, which will also ensure they’re getting plenty of water (you can also try our signature freakshake for this). You can also try layering our pork testes in a Kong, Topplr or Likimat for enrichment, or just sprinkling it over the top of their regular meal.

We’ve heard from so many happy customers that our pork testes will entice even the fussiest of pooches, so it’s perfect if you’re looking for way to hide some veggies.

Because freeze-dried food is very concentrated you will only need a little bit, which also makes NORM’s pork testes great value.


Very cute pic from @pepsitheschnoo on Instagram

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